ALGR65 High Quality Dehumidifier For Basement With Drain Hose

Preair ALGR65 dehumidifier is specifically made for Australian customers to meet their local requirements for socket and power current. The ALGR65 dehumidifier for basement has outstanding dehumidification performance and simple drainage mode. When this kind of dehumidifier product is mentioned, two labels will emerge in front of your eyes, which are efficient and energy-saving. LGR series of dehumidifiers are the result of painstaking research and concerted efforts of all the staff of Preair.

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Introduction of Preair ALGR65 Dehumidifier For Cold Basement

Preair ALGR65 dehumidifier can work in the temperature range of 5-38℃ and the humidity range of 20%RH-90%RH, which already represents the good quality of the machine. For this type of machine is made as an Australian version. The power of the machine is 220V/50Hz. The dehumidification capacity of the machine is 42 L/day (26.7℃, 60%RH). According to the dehumidification capacity, the ALGR65 dehumidifier can be applied in places with an area of 40-60 square meters. The color of the machine housing can be customized to meet your specific needs. Please contact us and tell us your requirements.

Advantages of Preair ALGR65 Dehumidifier For Basement Apartment

There are many advantages of the Preair LGR series of dehumidifiers. The most critical difference among the LGR series of dehumidifiers is the dehumidification capacity. There are several models for example, LGR65, LGR85, LGR105, LGR135L, LGR155, and LGR165L dehumidifiers launched by Preair. The machine is named based on its corresponding dehumidification capacity. The ALGR65 dehumidifier for basement adopts a SUS304 filter that is removable and washable. The following content is the common advantages of the Preair LGR series of dehumidifiers. Help you know deeper about the machine.

1. Compact structure and super performance

2. Built-in Bluetooth technology

3. WiFi control, mobile application compatible with iOS and Android

4. Industry-leading graphical control panel

5. Performance guaranteed by deep under-cooling technology

6. Superior and reliable stacking function

7. Foldable handle with wheels for easy transportation

8. Long-distance power cord and airborne drain pipe, meeting the requirements of long-distance use

9. Customized color to meet the needs of various actual scenes

10. Power off the memory function to avoid complicated function settings before and after powering off

Data of Preair ALGR65 Smart Dehumidifier For Basement

Power Supply 220-240V/50Hz
Rated Current (A) 4.6A
Rated Power (W) 833W
Dehumidification Capacity (30℃/80%RH) 65L/day
Dehumidification Capacity (26.7℃/60%RH) 42L/day
Dehumidification Capacity (40℃/20%RH) 10L/day
Dehumidification Capacity (32℃/90%RH) 80L/day
Working Temperature Range 5-38℃
Working Humidity Range 20%RH-90%RH
Product Dimensions 542*313*442 mm
Packaging Dimensions 660*450*580mm
Net Weight 31.8Kg
Refrigerant/ Refrigerant Charge R410A/600g
Filter Material SUS304
Drainage Way Water pump
Drain Pipe Length 6M
Machine Casing Material Rotational molding
Loading Quantity (20'/40'/40'HQ) 172/360/360

Applications of Preair ALGR65 Air Dehumidifier For Basement

The ALGR65 air dehumidifier has a wide range of applications. In your water damaged basement, bedroom, study, drawing room, or office, you can apply our ALGR65 air dehumidifier for a period time to get a dry and clean environment. In shopping malls, public washrooms, warehouses, wine cellars, garages, banks, post offices, etc., our ALGR65 dehumidifier can also play an important role. Temperature and humidity are two vital factors influencing the health and living of people. Air conditioners and heaters can control the temperature, fans, and blowers can create the wind and accelerate the speed of the wind (making the air in a specific area fresher), while humidifiers and dehumidifiers can control the humidity. People's lives are becoming better with the application of the aforementioned machines. Living in a wet region, prople are definitely in need of dehumidifiers.

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